Mountain Pendant|Gold
Mountain Pendant|Silver
Mini Butterfly|Gold
Mini Butterfly|Silver
North Carolina|Gold
North Carolina|Silver
North Carolina State Pendant|Gold
North Carolina State Pendant|Silver
Dual Circle|Gold
Dual Circle|Silver
Double Heart Pendant|Gold
Side Cross Pendant|Gold
Side Cross Pendant|Silver
Simple Circle Pendant|Gold
Simple Circle Pendant|Silver
Mama Bear Coin Pendant|Gold
Mama Bear Coin Pendant|Silver
Mountain Bar Pendant|Gold
Mountain Bar Pendant|Silver
Mountain Coin Pendant|Gold
Mountain Coin Pendant|Silver
Must Have Necklace (multiple styles)
Mom Pendant|Silver
Be Brave Word|Gold
Love Pendant
Rhinestone Circle Pendant|Gold
Half Moon Pendant|Turquoise
Sun Disc Pendant|Gold
Sun Disc Pendant|Silver
Multi Rainbow Stone|Gold
Multi Rainbow Stone|Silver
Rainbow Circle Pendant|Gold
Rainbow Circle Pendant|Silver
Wave Cutout Pendant|Gold
Wave Cutout Pendant|Silver
Rectangle Cutout Pendant|Silver
Elephant Cutout Pendant|Gold
Hammered Circle Hoop Charm|Gold
Hammered Circle Hoop Charm|Silver
Double Heart Pendant|Silver
Crescent Moon Charm|Gold
Crescent Moon Charm|Silver
Crescent Moon Pendant|Gold
Crescent Moon Pendant|Silver
Pineapple Cutout Pendant|Gold
Pineapple Cutout Pendant|Silver
Dream Script|Gold
Dream Script|Silver
Half Moon Mini Teardrop Charm|Gold
I Love You To the Moon and Back|Gold
I Love You To the Moon and Back|Silver
Jeweled Dazzle Circular|Gold
Jeweled Dazzle Circular|Silver
Two Toned Mountain|Gold
Two Toned Mountain|Silver
Mountain Range Pendant|Gold
Mountain Range Pendant|Silver
Mini Stud Pendant|Gold
Mini Stud Pendant|Silver
Rhinestone Wave|Gold
Lightning Moon Star|Gold
Lightning Moon Star|Silver
Crystal Drop|Gold
Crystal Drop|Silver
Mini Star Pendant|Gold
Must Have Necklace (multiple styles)
Mini Star Pendant|Silver
Must Have Necklace (multiple styles)
Dainty Star Bead Charm|Gold
Dainty Layered Stone Lariat|Gold
Pearl Beaded Chain|Silver
Pearl Beaded Chain|Gold
Layered Rhinestone Curved Bar|Rose Gold
Circle Sun Pendant|Silver
Circle Sun Pendant|Gold
Rhinestone Wave|Silver
Rhinestone Circle Pendant|Silver
Jeweled Dazzle Circular|Rose Gold
Dainty Rectangle Crystal Pendant|Silver
Dainty Rectangle Crystal Pendant|Gold
Circle Star Disc Pendant|Gold
Mini Triple Star Charm|Gold
Small Pearl Triangular|Gold
Stone Bead Pendant|Gold
Solid Triangle Pendant|Gold
Triangle Cutout Pendant|Gold

Must Have Necklace (multiple styles)

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Our best-selling necklaces are perfect for everyone! The perfect length, the perfect size, the perfect pendant, there's no losing here! Buy one for yourself, or as a gift for someone else and there are sure to be smiles all around.
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